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Tools for School: Fall 2020

A 6-part video series to make learning at home easier for you and your teen!

Taught by Dynell Garron, Educational Therapist

Yes, I want a better school year!

Video #1: "Oh no, not again!"

Consider this the great reset! Clarify your vision for the upcoming school year. What do you want for your student? For yourself?

Video #2:  How students learn

Understand the 3 phases of learning and the cognitive demands of each phase.  The more you know, the more support you can offer your teen while learning at home.

Video #3: "Why is this so stressful??!"

Discover how stress impacts learning and how to create the optimal learning environment at home.

Video #4: "What's your plan?" Part one

Learn the three systems I put in place to transfer responsibility to my son who learns differently.  Part one lays the foundation by creating an organizing process that he can manage.

Video #5: "What's your plan?" Part two

We continue implementing three core systems for distance learning. In part two, we do a deep dive into accountability and rewards. Included are discussion guides that you can use with your teen.

Video #6:  Skills inventory/Q & A

Explore your readiness to release responsibility to your student and move more fully into a coaching role. Plus, answers to your burning questions.

No time to watch a video series?  Download our Back-to-School Checklist...an excerpt from the series to get started right away.

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Fall 2020 is just around the corner

Develop a success plan that you and your teen can get excited about!

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