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Hi Parent Friend, I know you...

  • Are you overwhelmed by the idea of another year of online learning?
  • Wish you could bring a tutor home every night to help your teen make sense of their lessons and manage their workload?
  • Have a hard time talking to your teen about school without getting angry, frustrated or blowing up?
  • Wish your teen would take charge of their own education?

Imagine how life would feel if your teen was motivated and able to navigate online learning with very little help from you.  

Dynell Garron Trainings

Academic skill-building courses for middle & high school students

        Weekly accountability sessions for teens

       Parent coaching & problem solving

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Hi, I'm Dynell. Previously exhausted mom.

I am an educational therapist and mom of a high school student with a diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety.  I homeschooled my son in the third grade and, more recently, in high school while working full time.

You and I are on the same journey. And, while my professional background prepared me to address his attention and executive functioning challenges, nothing prepared me for the demands of parenting a child who was constantly stressed from school. 

Sound familiar?  Are you exhausted, worried, or frustrated when talking with your teen about school? Does your teen often lash out or check-out?  I promise, there is a better way to get through school. 

Learn more about Dynell's journey

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"Help! Online learning is not working for my child" If this sounds like you, we have a solution. In less than 2 hours you can pinpoint WHY your child is struggling with online learning, develop solutions and communicate your ideas with your child's school. This is a great resource of homeschool parents too.

"The videos are so good! Very informative and I gained a sense of comfort going thru them -- it helped me feel prepared to help my student at home. I want to share it with 3 parents!!! They TRULY need this."

Crystal J.

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You and your teen are a package deal! That's why we offer the following:

Parent workshops and laser-focused coaching. Besides whispering in your ear to "let go...let go..." we give you concrete steps and scripts to guide the process of transferring responsibility to your teen.  The results:  You get your life back and instead of feeling angry, exhausted, and stressed, you can feel energized, hopeful, and relaxed --- and proud to know that you have remained centered in the midst of a storm.


Weekly check-ins and planning sessions to help teens stay organized and motivated. Weekly check-ins keep students moving forward and clarifies what's working. Once supported in this way, teens are better able to identify what areas require more support. Our teen groups have a monthly focus, with weekly practice activities that are relevant to school assignments so students build skills without wasting time. 

Academic skills courses created by an educational therapist to improve teens' success in school.  Students learn HOW to learn, take notes, study effectively, improve reading and writing skills, and develop strategies to address attention, executive function, and time management challenges.  All of our lessons are research-based and practice-focused so students can try on new strategies right away.

Want more joy and less stress this Fall?

Dynell Garron, Educational Therapist

Helping middle and high school students succeed in school, learn about themselves, and take charge of their education.


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