Dynell Garron

Educational Therapist helping teens who have anxiety, depression, or ADHD graduate.

And, helping parents find simple ways to support them in school, hold them accountable, and maintain their connection.


Here's how your teen can get better grades even if they have executive functions, working memory, and focus challenges.

The 5R Learning Card Deck & Master Class will prepare your teen for Fall. Over 30 strategy cards your teen can mix and match so learning is never boring.


Hi Parent Friend, I know you...

  • Are you or your teen overwhelmed by school?
  • Worried about your teen's mental wellness?
  • Having more arguments about school than conversations?
  • Feeling alone and frustrated while trying to understand teen depression, anxiety, ADHD, and school performance?

Nothing feels better than knowing your teen is caring for their mental health and excelling in school.




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Hi, I'm Dynell. Previously exhausted mom.

I am an educational therapist and mom of a college student with several diagnoses that make school/living tough.  I homeschooled my son in the third grade and, more recently, in high school while working full time.

You and I are on the same journey. And, while my professional background prepared me to address his attention and executive functioning challenges, nothing prepared me for the demands of parenting a child who was constantly stressed from school. 

Sound familiar?  Are you exhausted, worried, or frustrated when talking with your teen about school? Does your teen often lash out or check out?  I promise, there is a better way.

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We stay in our lane -- which is the intersection of academics and emotional well-being. We are dialed into what we do exceptionally well...

Parent-Teen Academic Coaching

Our coaching process works from the inside out to help teens find their motivation, avoid procrastination, and manage the uncomfortable process of learning.  We provide strategies for weak executive functions, working memory, attention, and self-regulation. And, we give parents simple ways to support their teens in school, hold them accountable, and maintain their connections.


Our Learning Strategies Card Deck features over 30 strategy cards.

A revolutionary way for teens to process information efficiently despite working memory and executive function challenges.  The card deck and underlying strategies have helped hundreds of teens excel in school, take more initiative, have the courage to ask questions, and get higher test scores.  Using the cards daily builds strong study habits so teens can raise their grades with less overwhelm.


Every year that passes...

The day will come when your teen leaves home. Who do you want to send into the world? A confident teen who believes in their abilities and has a track record of being resilient and experiencing success? Or, a teen who has internalized failure after failure, to the point where they have given up? Are you worried that your teen will not realize their potential? Each school year brings more complex work, more deadlines, and greater expectations from teachers. The more time your teen spends failing classes and not engaging in school, the bigger the achievement gap grows. And the more their self-esteem plummets. Unfortunately, our education system does not do a good job supporting students who have anxiety, depression, or ADHD. We, parents, have to do something radical to change our teen's trajectory. If you are at your wit's end, attend our free training to see how we help parents and teens achieve lasting success.

You are not alone. Get free resources and current information.

Dynell Garron Coaching

Helping middle, high school, and college students recognize their gifts, succeed in school, and take charge of their education.


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