Well hello there!

I would love one day to meet you in person.  Until then, here is a bit about me. I became an educational therapist (ET) because I love learning and teaching...and I cannot see myself in a classroom.  (I so appreciate teachers.) I watched an ET work with my son. She taught him how to read. She was so investigative and precise in her work that educational therapy appealed to the analytical part of my brain. She was also very gentle and incredibly attuned to my son's interests and needs, and that spoke to my heart. 

Running a private practice has been lovely and yet, I am keenly aware of the number of families that cannot be reached through private practice.  Truth be told, EVERY child deserves to have an IEP (individualized education plan).

So this - Dynell Garron Trainings - is my love, my "give back," my social justice stance. I was raised to believe that a quality education is a birthright.  And, children, regardless of ability, race, or zip code should teach us the limits of their capabilities, not the other way around.



What I love about my work:

  • Helping young people develop skills and find their unique voice in education. 
  • Being a "magic mirror" for students so they can witness their greatness and begin to re-imagine themselves as competent learners. 
  • Helping parents let go of the reins and coach their teens through mistakes and setbacks.

But, where is the parenting manual?!!

I met my son, Jasiyah, when he was two and a half years old. I fell in love with this beautiful spirit, yet prayed that someone would come and correct this mistake. Who in their right mind thought I could raise a child?!  I had a recurring dream that every child in my son's preschool had a beautiful Easter basket except my son because I didn't know how to make one.  My doubts were relentless. 

The day I turned the corner:  One day, when Jasiyah was about four years old, he was in a speech therapy session. While sitting in the waiting area, I suddenly heard him wail.  Alarmed, I went to the window in the door. The therapist shooed me away. I watched her turn her face away from my son and purposely ignore him to gain his compliance. This was extremely upsetting to him.  I went in and asked if I could help. I was told, "No."  I tried to explain that he was rarely able to self-regulate at that level of distress and that he was not having a garden variety tantrum. I suggested other ways to gain his compliance. She assured me that she knew was she was doing. I assured her that I knew my son and we left her office never to return. Later that evening, I called my mom and told her that I think I can become a good parent if I allow Jasiyah to show me what he needs.

Honestly, this whole journey would have been so much easier if I had been given a "How to Parent this Kid" manual.  

Can I offer a wish for you...

Fast forward to now parenting a high school student who was diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive Type before kindergarten and who struggles with hormones, adolescence, executive functions and additional diagnoses.  

 Sometimes, when I receive a "Thank you" text from my son, see him recover from a mistake, or manage his workload without my assistance, I know I am doing the right things for him and for our relationship. And, to keep it real, there are days when I still wonder if I have totally messed up!

Nonetheless, I wish that we could all experience:

  • A teen who has growing confidence and resilience, even when they struggle in school.
  • A relationship with our teen that makes us smile; that invites conversation when things get heated and helps us stay in touch with our core parenting values.
  • Graduation day! Need I say more?

Maybe one day we can all have our "Kevin Durant moment" - a heartfelt speech in front of the entire world that acknowledges our awesome parenting skills. Remember when he said to his mom, "Mom, you're the real MVP?"  Wow!  Meanwhile (sigh) I will settle for a hug, a "thank you" text, a clean room, and good personal hygiene. Small wins matter!

Dynell Garron, Educational Therapist

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